Yadea C-Umi

‘Elegance in Simplicity’
Rounded lines, eye-catching features and the newest technologies, yet in a simple manner.

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Philippe Le Floc’h;

“Yadea appeals to young people and to a more sustainable lifestyle, two aspects that are extremely important to us.”Beckers is a 150 year old company specializing in environmentally friendly coatings. The scooter features a scratch-resistant durable coating in many colors.

Keyless To-go

C-Umi’s intelligent remote sensing system automatically identifies the owner. When you come close to C-Umi’s sensing range, it will automatically unlock the vehicle. When you leave the C-Umi, it will automatically lock the security systems. C-Umi also has a Keyless Push Button Start System allowing you to get rid of any keys – just press the power button and you can go.

Tolerant Temperature: -20℃-40℃

This beautifully finished 48V20AH Lithium-Ion portable battery has a life expectancy of around 900 cycles. Fully charged in 5 hours. Charge it in your garage, at work or at a café. ‘Charge it anytime & anywhere you like.

Comfortable driving

Especially on longer rides, a soft comfortable seat is exactly the thing you need. The C-Umi is built is such a way that the rider can maintain a relaxed riding position. The handlebars, footplate and seat layout form the ideal sitting position or the triangular ergonomic layout as we call it

Power Lighting

C-Umi’s lights don’t only look truly stunning, but they also emit a powerful lightbeam. The headlamp features two LED lights with an elegant curved LED ambient light on the top edge. The back a breathtaking streamlined LED taillight, comparable to a Porsche

Safety first!

Not everyone is experienced in driving an E-Scooter. So occasionally it happens that someone pulls the throttle not realising it will start driving right away! This P-Gear button eliminates this potential danger. Just press the P-button before you start driving, just like a car

Built-in USB-Charger

C-Umi is equipped with practical clever solutions such as USB charging port, handy storage for cellphone, hidden hooks and other smart details




48V28Ah Lithium


Charging Time

5-6 Hours






1200W Hub Motor




 Front: Hydraulic Disc ø 170mm / Rear: Drum


3.00 – 10″, tubeless


Matte Black, Matte Grey, Matte Taupe & Black

*Both mileage and maximum speed in this introduction are obtained by the test under working conditions method, various factors have influence on actual mileage, such as load, temperature, wind speed, road conditions and operating habits. At the same time, the maximum capacity of lithium battery will be reduced after long-term use because of its characteristic.
*The model configurations displayed on the website or catalogue vary according to the market in different countries and regions. All details about performance, test results and mileage are for reference only, they may also vary due to other factors, please refer to the information provided by the actual place of purchase.
*Yadea reserves the right to change or modify any specifications without prior notice.