Power with an advanced TTFAR Extended Range System, Yadea Scooters offer you longer cruising range, a more intelligent and more comfortable ride.


Graphene Battery


Energy Recycle System


Highly-Efficient Motor

Safe Charging System

High-Precision Meter








TTFAR Graphene Battery Five Major Advantages

Highest Intensity

Height Flexibility

Best Thermal Conductivity

Ultra Low Resistivity

High Light Transmittance


Graphene Composite Conductive Polycarbonate Technology

10% Raise In Range

3X Battery Lifespan

20A Charging Current Support

80% Battery Power In 1 Hour Charge

Remaining Battery Display With High Accuracy

Yadea Salient Pole Motor

The Yadea convection motor has obtained leading international technology appraisal that is considered a breakthrough in electric two-wheel vehicles; balancing power and mileage with high torque or long-range operations

TTFAR Energy Recycle System


Thanks to the kinetic power recycle system, Yadea scooters can automatically recycle kinetic energy into electricity while kicking, braking, and riding downhill.


TTFAR Electric Energy Monitoring Meter


The TTFAR Electric Energy Monitoring Meter shows the usage of electric in different colors in real-time. Including the kinetic energy collected each time.


Energy Recovery


High Performance


Power Saving

Safe Fast Charge

Independent MCU unit for more accurate voltage and current control. Intelligent temperature adjustment to reduce the heat up situation when charging